What cancer were you diagnosed with?

Duke C Colon Cancer

What age were you diagnosed?


What helped you to thrive?

Support from family and friends as well as from Trekstock has helped me to thrive. My parents, my family and friends have all helped me thrive, without them, I feel like my whole mindset would be very different through all of this.

Caroline's Story

At the age of 25, two weeks before I was about to climb Kilimanjaro I was diagnosed with bowel cancer, at the time they did not know what stage. Two days later I had surgery (left hemicolectomy) a couple of weeks later I was told I was stage 3 and would need adjuvant chemotherapy. I was young and healthy and felt like I'd been hit by a bus. We had no family history and I had no risk factors associated with bowel cancer. I was a high-level junior badminton player, still sporty and self-employed sports therapist. I now couldn't work and was faced with 6 months of chemo once I had recovered from surgery. I was given a small window to freeze my eggs before I had to start chemo, so I did. 6 months of chemo infusions, chemo tablets, sickness, steroids, tears and all the rest of the side effects that I won't bore you with followed.

I was given the all clear in May 2016. Throughout the whole experience I had Trekstock, having people to talk to and things to go to really helped, it was hard to be around friends who were living their lives carefree when mine was on hold. Family and friends got me through with all the support and my baby nephew.. you can't be sad when there is an adorable baby around! Cancer takes something away from you that I don't think I'll ever get back. However, I gained a lot too, you come out the other side a different person. I know that all I want is to be happy, I've changed my career and I now teach, I did some solo travelling and I now care less about what others think about me, I'll dance like no one is watching and do what makes me happy. You don't know what is around the corner. Family, friends and a thirst for life made me thrive.

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