At Trekstock, we’re more committed than ever to making a difference to the lives of young adults living with and beyond cancer, but we can only achieve that with the support of our brilliant friends and partners like Finery London. We’re really grateful to the team for donating £2 on each online order to Trekstock over the Black Friday period.

Finery writes;

Chances are when you think of cancer your mind doesn’t automatically jump to adults in their twenties and thirties. Instead, those later in life are the ones we most often associate with the disease. Trekstock - a charity based in central London - is challenging that perception through the work they do to support men and women of this age. With 34 people aged between 20 and 39 being diagnosed each day, there is clearly a need for something like this, which is why we have partnered with them to donate £2 per every purchase made during Black Friday. We spent time with founder Sophie Epstone to talk Mark Ronson, helping people to thrive and why exercise is key.
Thank you Finery London

'We set up this partnership because we were inspired by Sophie and her amazing team, their story, who they help and the way they do it. For us, it’s personal. We have sons, daughters, sisters, brothers and friends and we think Trekstock is making a real difference to a group of people that is often overlooked when it comes to cancer. Not young children, not older people, but younger adults who have been fit and healthy. They and their families are facing the greatest challenge of their lives and Trekstock is supporting them and helping them fight to live a full life. This is such an inspiring goal and one which we are all very proud to be part of.’ John Hind, CEO, Finery London