What cancer were you diagnosed with?

Cervical Cancer

What age were you diagnosed?


What has helped you to thrive?

It's a long winded story but there are people in a worse situation than me that's for sure and I am grateful for everyday I am fit and healthy!!!

Kelley's Story

After being late for my smear I finally booked in for one and it soon went down hill for me from there! I turned up for my smear and they couldn't do it because there was to much bleeding and after a few more attempts I was sent to have a biopsy during a colposcopy. I had to wait a few weeks for this to come back... After that gruelling time at last it came back that I had cervical cancer stage 2...

I was sent for every scan and on the last day of scans I had an urgent phone call to see my doctor the next day.
She had the bad news that it wasn't stage 2 it was stage 4! I had a 5 cm tumour in my cervix and 2 lymph nodes and my para aortic lymph and I had to be referred to a oncologist.

He was lovely and has always done the very best for me. I get was given chemo in October 2017, 6 rounds once every 3 weeks. Half way through I was told the tumour was shrinking well! And by the end of chemo I had clear lymph nodes and my tumour was down to 11mm! 

I was then given radio therapy and chemo combined for 3 weeks and radio for 28 sessions on a bigger scale (over my belly, back, groin and both sides of my pelvis.) I became very sick from this so I was taken off the chemo... radio was continued but I was still very ill for a few weeks and also ended up needing a blood transfusion...

After all that I was booked in for surgery 6 weeks later!!! I had a modified radical hysterectomy which went as smoothly as it could. I was admitted to hospital 4 times in total for infections, sickness and pain relief etc...
During this I had a few MRI scans to check on my pelvic area.. and bad news 12 weeks after surgery I had relapsed and developed cancer in the surgery site and I'm now in a hospice for pain control for a few days and after that I'm going back on chemo to see if we can clear it.. but I will unfortunately never be cancer free it's part of my life now but I will not let this stop me enjoying things that's for certain.

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