What cancer were you diagnosed with?

Bowel/ Colorectal cancer

What age were you diagnosed?


What has helped you to thrive?

Positive mind set, an amazing colorectal Specialist Nurse, an incredible surgeon & his team and a close number of family and friends that have shown me so much support. 
Together we will fight this 🌈 I will fight this 🌈
I have found Trekstock so useful already and would just like to say a massive thank you for everything on offer on your website. Your YouTube Trekstock talks are so helpful and I can’t wait to dip back into some yoga (I’ve just had surgery so will give myself lots more time to heal) 

Laura's Story

Not all heroes wear capes.......

I had a colonoscopy (camera up the bum to look inside the large intestine) on Monday 7th October where they found a large growth and said I had a ‘probable cancer’. Biopsies were taken and appointments were booked for scans and surgery later this month to remove the part of the bowel containing the growth and the tissue surrounding it. A team of colorectal specialist nurses were in contact the next day organising scans and tests for me. 

I had been unwell leading up to the appointment and I deteriorated very quickly that week. I called the colorectal nurse on the following Thursday and told her that I was not functioning and felt like my body was shutting down. She hung up the phone and went to speak to the surgeon. I was told to come straight to hospital to the Emergency Surgery Assessment Unit where I was assessed by the surgeon straight away. The CT scan showed that the ‘growth’ was causing a near complete obstruction - this explained why I wasn’t able to eat food or hold anything down.

The surgeon operated first thing the next morning and was able to remove the part of the bowel containing what we now know is bowel cancer. They also removed some surrounding tissue and will be testing it to see if it’s gone any where else. The radiologist looked at the CT scan and said it looks really good and there is no sign it’s spread. So I’m sitting tight for the next few weeks while they look at the tumour, it will be dissected and staged and I will find out if there is any need for chemotherapy.

The surgeon and his team have been nothing short of phenomenal. He was in the hospital Thursday 8pm running tests and operated 8am Friday morning. He’s seen me every day that I have been in hospital while doing other surgeries and meeting patients. I was discharged five days after the surgery to come home and recover. 

I urge you to be heard. Any symptoms, worries, lumps, bumps or ailments... speak out. I told my GP on the 20th September ‘I have bowel cancer symptoms’ and there it was.... that fabulous response..... ‘you're too young - it won’t be cancer, here’s a prescription.’ 

I refused to accept that response, and thank goodness I did, because things changed very quickly. I could have taken the prescription and left it. I could have been palmed off again but this time I demanded ‘a bowel cancer screening kit’. Fast forward a few weeks I am now home recovering from surgery where an amazing man and his team cut out the cancer. 

So here is where you come in.... out there in this beautiful wide world there are people dedicated to working round the clock to help us in these desperate situations, they pass us in our cars, in shops and public places...... be kind, let them out of a busy road, hold the door and forgive them when you're sat in the waiting room of the hospital because they are running late. My CT scan was pushed through quickly so those waiting for their CT appointment Thursday afternoon had to wait while I jumped the queue and those planned for surgery Friday waited while the surgeon operated on me for 5 hours.

They don’t want to be running late for your appointment, skipping meals and missing family time at home - be patient and kind when you wait, we are all busy but try to understand that behind the scenes is someone who is poorly and there is a doctor/surgeon needing the patient to have that scan before you. 

I will recover from surgery, this is for sure, I still have my bowel/large intestine, it’s just a little shorter. I had a section removed and then stitched and stapled back together again. 

I will hear from the nurse in a few weeks as to whether treatment is needed and I will face it all when it comes to it but for now...... I’m recovering thanks to the amazing team of surgeons and nurses that acted quick. They have studied, sacrificed, and dedicated their lives to help people like me in what can be a terrifying time. I am in awe of them and will be forever grateful for everything they done and the incredible level of support I’ve been given. They are nothing short of heroes in my eyes. 

Know your body and speak to your GP if you have any worries. There is so much support out there to help carry you through xx

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