letterone logoTrekstock is extremely grateful to its partner LetterOne for its commitment to fund Trekstock's programmes over the next 3 years. 

Since September 2017, generous funding of £75,000 from LetterOne has helped Trekstock deliver nationwide programmes that have transformed the lives of young adults living through and beyond cancer. 

With the support and expertise of our valued supporter Lord Mervyn Davies (Non-Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of L1) and the L1 team, together we can not only raise funds, but vital awareness and enable Trekstock to reach more young adults needing physical and psychological support. As a result of our funding from LetterOne we have been able to secure match funding from the Big Lottery Fund for future Meet & Move events across the UK.

LetterOne buys and builds businesses that it can develop over the long term, which it aims to be the next generation of leading companies in their sectors. They are committed to ensuring the highest standards of corporate governance, business practice and ethics.

Why LetterOne are helping us get young adults moving 

Every day in the UK 34 young adults are told they have cancer and over 125,000 are living with late effects of treatment. With your help Trekstock is working hard to reach this unsupported group.

There is a growing body of evidence showing the benefits of physical activity during and after cancer treatment. Physical activity has been linked to improved physical function and psychological wellbeing; reduced impact of side-effects; reduced risk of cancer recurrence and increased survival.

Currently 89% of our beneficiaries are telling us they need psychological support and 71% are asking us for help to become more physically active to regain their strength.

Therefore, our programmes have been designed to tackle social isolation and support young adults to get moving again after facing cancer. Over the last 12 months, with LetterOne's help our main focus has been to expand the delivery of these services across the UK, with a focus on launching our flagship programme ‘Meet & Move’ in London and Manchester. Combining social & physical activity support, these events provide unique opportunities to bring together beneficiaries & experts, to inform and empower young adults to live well with cancer.

“When I finished chemotherapy I felt so fatigued and unconfident. I could never see myself back in my old life again, but I was determined to move on and Trekstock gave me the perfect motivation and support when I needed it the most.” Olivia, 32

We currently provide direct support to close to young adults across the UK, helping them deal with the emotional and physical impact of cancer and equipping them with the tools they need to get them moving again. With LetterOne's  help, over the next 12 months a further 90+ people will complete our transformative 12 week exercise programme ‘Renew’ helping them find rebuild their strength and new normal, post cancer. 112 patients have accessed the programme to date.

Our information and support resources funded by LetterOne will be received by over 400+ more beneficiaries and our signposting materials will available to over 10,000 through hospital engagement, conferences and strategic links with charity partners. We will continue to build upon our engaged social audience of over 200k followers. Using our online platforms and website, we will continue to tell our supporters about our partnership with LetterOne and the difference it is making to a small charity like Trekstock.

Photo: Stephan DuCharme, L1 Retail Managing Partner, pledging support for Trekstock at Trekstock's annual thank you event, 2017.