Sadly Rumi has died, but her story will remain here as her words bring encouragement to others 

What cancer were you diagnosed with?

Osteosarcoma, Stage 4

What age were you diagnosed?


Rumi's Story

Working the morning shift as the only waitress can be a struggle. Clock in. Start shift. Rushing around to set up the outdoor terrace without a trolley as the previous night it was broken due to negligent colleagues. So a size 8 girl pulling 10 metal chairs at a time during London's rainy season. Rushing no less as hitting the snooze button that morning was equally a sin and a guilty pleasure. Suddenly I slip and hear a pop in my right shoulder. Throughout the month the pain slowly starts to get worse but who doesn't continue to work the busy shifts because people have rent and other bills to pay? However, seeing that the pain wasn't getting any better the next step was the local family practice. As a young adult, foolish decisions are made. For example: food poisoning, caught a cold, coughing from smoking too much, blood in urine & a pain in your chest from working too hard. That entire list can be followed with an excuse with the following response; "No, I don't a GP I'm too busy working. I haven't even joined my local practice."

Life: Growing up, as much as I hate to admit it, I was a dark pessimist. I didn’t believe in good luck because nothing fortunate ever happened to me. Throughout my history, just like any other I have had my fair share of ups and downs. Please believe me when I say my so-called “downs” were the lowest and closest you could get to the pit of hell. I have been through it all:Horrible history with men and the word “no”.Truly terrible once innocent relationships turned into totally terrifying mind fucks.Depressingly awkward anti-social behaviour definitly makes for a lonely female.A mother who decided the best way to raise her girl is to break her down to her bare bones and ensure she is alone when building herself back up again.Finally, the fatal blow, my health has taken a turn. At the very ripe age of 23 I have been diagnosed with the big C. That word that ends in “er”and also rhymes with “answer”. I couldn’t tell you what my first reaction was. Ever since I got the news the whole world has been shaken into perspective.Honestly, from now on optimism is my game. I can fight everything life throws at me. Thanks to the army I have by my side. It takes a truly dark and sad turn to help turn your mind around. I’ve realised that I’m not in this alone. That when I get hurt so do other people. I can’t let that happen, I won’t let that happen. The one thing I have learnt; as dark and as hard times fall always stay optimistic things always have a chance to get better because believe me when I say it could be a whole lot worse.

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