What cancer were you diagnosed with?

I was diagnosed with 2+ breast cancer and after a full body CT scan, 3 weeks later I was told it was metastatic and was in my liver, lungs and bones.

What age were you diagnosed?


What helped you to thrive?

The support from my partner, family and friends has been invaluable in so many levels. I’ve also had great support from my breast care nurse, the staff at the Maggie’s centre in Nottingham and Macmillan. I’ve also had a huge support from various charities which is fantastic.

Sarah's Story

I’m 35 with two young children (currently 3 and 6). They were my biggest worry and concern; How would I tell them? How will they cope? Why do they need to grow up without a mummy? So many awful questions and worries that came to the surface. Which is why I decided to draw on my experience as a primary school teacher and write my own book because the books I found weren’t right for me and my family. I wanted them to have something to relate to but without being intense so I chose not to use the C word. My girls aren’t fully aware that I’ve got cancer because there’s too much negativity attached to it. They just know I’m poorly and have to go to hospital for medicine. Sadly the cancer spread again in September and is now in my brain. After radiotherapy and a change in chemo hopefully now I’m on the right track. 

To read Sarah's blog head to The Breast Factor on Facebook and her Mummy's Got a Poorly is available to buy from The Osborne Trust direct or from the books page: Mummy’s Got a Poorly.

Sarah's book of wisdom  

Sarah talking about living with incurable yet treatable cancer