Want to meet others who get what life is like whilst regaining confidence in your body, building strength, improving your physical and mental health, combating your fatigue and improving your sleep? RENEW is exactly what you need.

Being diagnosed with cancer impacts your mind and body in more ways than we can count. That's why we've specially designed a free 8-week course of small online group classes run by experienced cancer exercise specialists who'll be on hand to support you and cheer you on every step of the way. These experts know that the struggle is real when you're exercising with or beyond cancer and they'll tailor everything to your needs. And we know exercising alone is no fun, so you'll also get to hang out with other guys and get a sweat on together. 

You'll also get a RENEW booklet packed with tips about keeping active and a space to track your progress and an area to set goals too. We'll also send you our nutrition booklet and be sent a link to access to some great videos on sleep and other topics to help you reach your goals. 

The programme is open to EVERYONE. Whether you are currently going through treatment, living with a Stage 4 diagnosis, recently diagnosed, in remission or living with the late effects of treatment, you're welcome to take part. It doesn't matter if you are an avid gym bunny or have never exercised before, our trainers have got your back. Whether you want to get stronger, fitter or simply get to know some others living in the same cancer whirlwind, then RENEW is right for you. Sign up today, and we'll help you keep moving. 

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