Need a little more om in your life? Let's face it, we probably all do. The good news is, we've got just the ticket. Our online 4-week yoga course is designed for you, whether you're in treatment or not. Rolling out your mat for this online, at home course comes with tonnes of benefits, from accessibility to practicing at your own pace. And after the classes, you're welcome to stay and have a chilled chat with everyone.

Dani is a compassionate and insightful yoga teacher who will make you feel at ease straight away. Her classes have a wonderful community atmosphere, supporting her students emotional and physical development with warmth and empathy. Dani has a nurturing style which blends beautifully with her informal and chilled approach.

Want to improve your mobility and strength?

Want to feel more energised, centred and focused?

Want to connect with other young adults living with and beyond cancer?

Look no further.

"I loved Dani's approach and kind nature. She made us all feel comfortable and seen. I always left the sessions feeling calm and content. I slept better and had a clearer mind. My whole body felt more relaxed and at ease."
"Great to be led in exercise by someone who really understands cancer and its impact. It was great to move and feel the positive effects. Knowing I can move safely, inspired me to keep moving."
"She made me feel that my body and was beautiful. I have learnt to listen to my body and mind and be kind to myself."
  • A towel to help with adjustments
  • A bottle of water
  • A yoga mat or a non-slip surface
  • Non-slip socks (if you have them, don't worry if you don't!)
  • We recommend wearing loose clothing that you can comfortably move in


Dani'squalified yoga teacher and has been running weekly classes, workshops and retreats since 2016. Her journey to seek a holistic approach to her wellbeing started after her breast cancer diagnosis at the age of 33. Two years after her diagnosis she underwent a risk-reducing double mastectomy. Then when she turned 40 she experienced surgical onset menopause. After careful consideration with her medical team she decided to go on HRT to minimise the effects of the menopause. After her mother-in-law ushered her to her weekly yoga class she kept going back. Yoga taught her to cultivate an awareness of her present moment.

“When I took my first yoga class I was still wearing a wig after chemo and I was ever so worried it would slip off my head in downward facing dog. But what was amazing for me was that I was able to connect to my present moment and that somehow had a positive effect on anxiety and my worries about what the future might hold. I knew that if I was able to manage my anxiety on the mat, it was possible in everyday life too.
So I did what made the most sense to me and that was practice more and more yoga. I even became a yoga teacher and today I love nothing more than guiding my students on their way to find improved mental and physical health, regardless of where they are at when they start. Becoming physically stronger and hence regaining more trust back into my body were wonderful by-products of my yoga practice.” 

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