RENEW Online Top Up Sessions

We know how hard it is to keep active, even after completing our transformational RENEW programme. We also know how important keeping active is, particularly in these difficult times.

That's why we've launched our fortnightly online RENEW top-up sessions to keep you motivated and connected with others from our community. This class aims to get you sweating it out for a challenging yet fun total body workout.

These sessions incorporate exercises for you to build strength and muscle using weights. Don't worry, you don't need to buy any weights, we'll just be using things you can find around the house!

Who can join? 

  • Anyone that's completed our RENEW exercise programme
  • You've developed no new health conditions since completing RENEW
  • You feel confident exercising in a group with minimal supervision

What to expect:

  • This class will incorporate cardio circuits with exercises using weights to build strength and muscle
  • Don't worry you don't need to buy weights, we'll just be using things you can find around the house!
  • Each session will last 45 mins and run fortnightly
  • There will be up to 12 people in each class
  • Sessions will be delivered by one of our Level 4 Cancer Rehabilitation Instructors
  • Be ready to get a sweat on 

If this is your first class please also complete the below forms:

Pre Exercise Questionnaire

Consent form

Please get in touch with [email protected] if you have any questions.

Great to have you back getting active with Trekstock! 

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