Kelly Chambers - Essex Champion

”I wanted to become a Trekstock Champion as after my cancer diagnosis, I just wanted to speak to people of a similar age who had been through a similar thing to me. As great as all my friends were, they just didn’t get it! At the time, there were no meetups in my area, so I set up my own! I really enjoy it as the meetups are always relaxed and fun, and we all have a mutual understanding of what each other has or is going through - there is no judgement. It’s also good to be able to help others.” 

Matt Bynorth - Essex Champion

"I wanted to become a champion because I wanted to support other people who went through a journey like mine. I felt isolated regarding my condition until I met Trekstock so I didn’t want anyone else to feel alone. I love the community and making people feel they have a safe place to ask questions and get support." 

Emily Abbott - London Champion

"Being diagnosed with cancer is not what what I had on my 30 before 30 list but there I was flung into a unknown scary world in a waiting room of 60+ year olds. Finding trekstock has been my light in the dark. The trekstock community helped by connecting me to other young adults that just get it, making me realise that I could get through this and still live my life. I am so passionate about giving back by becoming a champion and helping others through their diagnosis and beyond ensuring that they do not feel alone."

Laura Flaherty - Manchester Champion

"I wanted to become a champion for trekstock so I could help and support other young adults going through cancer, giving them the support and understanding they need from some one whos been there."

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Ben Tumilty - Manchester Champion

“I wanted to become a champion for Trekstock having gone through it myself, I want to be able to help people going through one of the most difficult times of their life. 
I want to be part of a team that helps people remind themselves that they’re no different to anyone else - that they’re allowed to go out, meet up with people, have new experiences, and being a champion with Trekstock allows me to share my own experiences with people and support them.”
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Rachel Farmer - Southampton Champion

Alice Sydney - Bristol Champion

“I wanted to become a champion because meeting members of Trekstock helped my confidence and I wanted to help others in the same way (and frankly, it also got me out of the house!). The best bit about being a champion is being able to share the places and activities I really like and enjoy with others - a lot of the time cancer doesn’t even get a look in!”

Helen Isbell - Bristol Champion

Carly Dakin - Birmingham Champion

"Trekstock has given me the opportunity to connect with people who can relate to the experiences I’ve had. I wanted to get involved and by being a regional champion I can now create those same opportunities for others."

Becksy Silverwood - Birmingham Champion

"When I attended my first meet up I knew I wanted to be involved with the Charity in any way I could as I found it so beneficial. I am so excited to be a Trekstock Champion to continue to connect with others, raise awareness and help in any way I can."

Heather Duffer - Edinburgh Champion

"At times my diagnosis has left me feeling ostracised. There are not a huge number of people who fully appreciate cancer limbo; agonising over appointments and tackling treatment whilst struggling to maintain a social life. There are even fewer people who are at a similar age and stage who fully understand how cancer touches every aspect of life. My favourite element of Trekstock is meeting others who simply ‘get it’! There is nothing more validating than when you talk about what you’re going through and see people nodding because they understand."