• Provide information and advice about talking to children and teenagers about cancer
  • Along with advice on explaining treatment and tips for coping day to day with life when your living with cancer

Mummy's Star

  • Support women and their families affected by cancer during pregnancy or within the first 12 months after giving birth

Fruit Fly Collective

  • Uses science and art to support families who are affected by cancer by increasing both the child's and their carer's understanding of the disease

Cancer Research

  • Provide information and advice about talking to children when a parent has been diagnosed with cancer
  • Along with tips for talking to children of different ages, to enable them to understand what cancer is

The Osborne Trust

  • Provides children aged 16 and under who's parent/s have cancer access to recreational activities during a parent/s treatment by funding up to 3 activties such as a cinema trip or meal out


  • Provides support and advice for teenagers who have a parent with cancer