Sophie Epstone

Founder & CEO

You’ll find me... hiking the coast, mountains, and anywhere else my trek boots will take me… adventuring out of the city with Trekstock’s Wellbeing Officer Serge and sourcing the best local hot chocolate (extra hot).

Ian Boyd 

Executive Director

Jemima Reynolds

Health Programmes and Engagement Lead 

You’ll find me... starting the day leading HIIT, cooking and eating delicious food, hanging out in a gallery and talking the hind legs off a donkey with friends.

Gemma Viner 

Community & Events Fundraising Officer

Bryony Antcliff 

Health Support and Programmes Officer

You'll find me... baking up a storm, working on my attitude at the barre and perfectly quoting movies.

Get in contact with Bryony at [email protected]


Wellbeing Officer

You'll find me... eating all snacks except Coriander, stealing any unoccupied chair, taking Sophie for a walk, and generally being a source of joy.