young adult cancer

Olivia Rose Smith 

"I am incredibly passionate that everyone should feel confident through a cancer diagnosis, so I feel beyond proud that I can use my role as a Trekstock Ambassador to help others achieve this.
The work Trekstock did to ensure I felt connected to young adults with cancer through my own treatment was irreplaceable, so I am honoured to be a part of ensuring that is the case for other people like myself."

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Lauren Mahon 

"Trekstock were a lifeline to me from the point of diagnosis and being able to give back to this incredible charity via Ambassadorship is such an honour!
I hope to support young adults on the mental health struggles and often crisis of identity that a cancer diagnosis can encourage - whether it's relationships, work or lifestyle."

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Ellen Bisci 

"The long term effects of cancer can be devastating and although I am years post my diagnosis, I am still living with the effects of having cancer and it’s treatment, daily. The reality of how my life has changed and the fact that I’m on a completely different path to where I was before my diagnosis is heartbreaking, and it has definitely taken time to come to terms with. 

There’s a huge emphasis that once treatment finishes your life returns to “normal”. For many of us, this isn’t the case and it can be tough having to adapt to a new way of life. I am so excited to raise awareness with Trekstock, to support other young adults who like me are finding this new way of life a challenge."

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Georgina Swallow 

"Being diagnosed with cancer in your 20’s can be pretty daunting but feeling like you’re going it alone is much worse. Finding Trekstock has been integral for me in completing my treatment with a smile on my face. It’s thanks to Trekstock that I have had the support both mentally and physically I needed to cope and they connected me with amazing individuals who just ‘get it.’ 

The beauty of Trekstock is it isn’t one size fits all, there are so many different areas of support they offer and you are able to take whichever parts you need to help you feel whole again. I am honoured to be a part of raising awareness to help others feel whole again."

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