Background to the petition

If you're a part of the cancer community, then you're probably well-versed in the 10-Year Cancer Plan. Last year on World Cancer Day, the government declared a 'national war on cancer' and set out their vision for a new vision for the UK would lead the world in cancer care. It promised to take a long-term look at how we harness innovation and what we want the patient experience to look like in 2032, with ambitious plans for action in several different areas. Over 5,000 people and organisations responded to that consultation. 

But on the 24th January 2023, the government announced that a 5-year 'Major Conditions Strategy', essentially scrapping the 10-Year plan and watering down their ambition to dramatically improve the experience and outcomes of people affected by cancer. That's why Trekstock have joined forces with over 60 other charities, including our friends at Teenage Cancer Trust and Young Lives vs Cancer, on behalf of our community, to call on the government to stick to their commitments.


We have come together to call on the UK Government to put the needs of people with cancer first by (amongst other things):

  • Ensuring the upcoming Major Conditions Strategy is ambitious, fully funded and listens to the voices and evidence of the cancer community
  • Committing to a longer-term strategy for cancer which focusses on transforming cancer research, diagnosis, treatment and patient experience
  • Improving the numbers around early diagnosis so 78% of people are diagnosed at stage one or stage two
  • Ensuring every person with cancer can access the treatment they need, at the right time, for the best outcomes. We want the government to make sure Cancer Waiting Time targets are met across the country
  • Giving everyone with cancer a needs assessment and personalised care plan to support their health and wider wellbeing needs by 2032
  • Make sure the public is aware of the risk factors, signs and symptoms of cancer and act on them by helping to improve the numbers of people who present at their GP's surgery with complaints
  • Meaningfully decreasing cases of cancer where inequalities are the cause

What can you do?

We're really proud to be a part of #OneCancerVoice, as it's an important opportunity for us to shout about the needs of the people we support: young adults in their 20s or 30s living with cancer. This age group is so often forgotten already when it comes to cancer care, but we fear that the government's new plans will mean even worse outcomes for them and the millions of other cancer patients #OneCancerVoice represent.

But we can do something about it.

We know that you're probably bombarded with all kinds of petitions every day, but we also know just how much you care about the treatment people living with cancer receive. You've been there yourself, or you know know someone who has. So we need to ask you a favour. Please take a few moments to sign the open petition, and get your name on the list of people demanding that the Prime Minister and the UK Government keep its commitment to transform cancer care and services. Thank you in advance.