Every day in the UK, 34 adults in this age group are diagnosed with cancer. Teenage and young adult cancer services often finish as people reach their 25th birthday, this together with adult cancer services focussing on an older demographic results in many young adults  feeling isolated and unsupported. Many will spend long periods in hospital with much older people, at a very different life stage and age to them.

We need your help to support the Trekstock ‘Sanctuary Room’ at UCLH, a home-like environment, offering calmness and different stimuli from the hospital ward.

Lighting, décor and a virtual window will allow the patients to change the atmosphere to improve their physical and mental well-being.

"This project was borne out of my personal experience of supporting my youngest son through a cancer journey at 21, coupled with my admiration for the unique programmes developed by Trekstock." Johnny Grey, Designer 

Sophie Epstone, CEO, Trekstock said “we felt compelled to take action when 70% of our community told us they feel isolated and alone and desperately need support to get moving again physically and psychologically. We are delighted to be providing young adults at UCLH with an age-appropriate, relaxing and restorative space away from the business of the ward, in which they can spend their own time with friends, family, and other patients whilst staying in hospital for long periods. This is our boldest initiative to-date, our vision is that every hospital where young adults transitioning out of TYA services should have a similar space to heal and simply be during this difficult time of their lives” she continued.

"Here at UCLH we are always striving to improve and invigorate our care models, we are excited to be part of this initiative and hope it will serve as a blueprint and inspiration to other service providers of young adult cancer care. We are delighted to have the support of Trekstock and Johnny Grey to create this beautiful and unique space, it will allow our young adult cancer team to extend the scope of our holistic care in an age appropriate environment" Dr Louise Soanes, Nurse Consultant, UCLH.

Johnny Grey commented “The job of a designer is to make emotionally engaging spaces. In healthcare environments, there are not enough sanctuaries, rooms where individuals and families can go to heal. The highest quality medical care includes looking after the psyche as well as the body. 

Within this project, amongst other things, we will be incorporating a ‘virtual window’ enabling patients to experience an external, calming environment. This would also brighten and enliven the existing space, engaging with the patients and their senses for emotional wellbeing. This is something I have learnt has great benefit through designing sociable kitchens for my clients.”

Trekstock is seeking £50,000 towards the cost of the UCLH ‘Sanctuary Room. The project will begin in July 2019. For more information on ways you can support, please email Emma Cullingford, Head of Fundraising. 

Thank you for your support,

Founder & CEO