What cancer were you diagnosed with?

testicular cancer

What age were you diagnosed?


What has helped you to thrive?

What has helped me to thrive since my diagnosis is a variety of things. I have been keeping positive, speaking to family and friends, eating well, listening to music and watching documentaries, concerts, among other things. I have also been meditating.

Alex's Story

I started feeling very tired in December 2020 and had lower back pains that did not seem to go away, even after having physio and using muscle relaxant in the bath. I put the back pains down to exercise and tiredness down to change in season as it was by then winter. I thought that change in season would make anyone tired due to the change and thought nothing more than exercise as the cause of the back pain.

The next month, the symptoms did not subside and one day in January, I noticed my right testicle was bigger than the left and it hurt to walk. I then showed my mum and we got onto the doctors right away. It wasn't until March that I got diagnosed and I have been having chemo treatment ever since 29th March to shrink a nasty tumour. I also had surgery in March too to remove the swollen right testicle.