What cancer were you diagnosed with?

colon cancer

What age were you diagnosed?


What has helped you to thrive?

Having supportive, awesome surgeons, nurses, family & friends (and a silly mantra) helps massively. 

Andrea's Story

I've had an illness since I was 6 years old, Ulcerative Colitis (fit name huh), I've grumbled and smiled my way through it, with flare ups left, right & centre but managed to battle through. At the end of last year, I was admitted for a flare up, thinking they'd dose me up with various drugs and drips to be sent home a week or so later. Alas not this time, instead they sent me home with cancer; a tumour (or what I call Jabba the Hutt covered in eczema) in my colon. I recently had surgery (eek) to remove my colon along with the tumour. I'm now home recovering with a new tummy accessory, a stoma bag, my tummy currently resembles a pretty good Halloween costume! I'm currently awaiting results and further treatment.

Being told I had cancer was a total shock to the doctors and myself. The tears rolled instantly and then being told you have to have your colon whipped out, as well as further surgeries and treatment to come is not a chipper conversation to have and to accept, but, taking each day as it comes.