What cancer were you diagnosed with?

Primary Mediastinal B cell lymphoma

What age were you diagnosed?


What has helped you to thrive?

There have been a few charities or local groups that have helped me since my diagnosis, one of the charities being the Ellen MacArthur cancer trust, another being my teenage cancer trust nurse Lorraine. They have both been amazing in giving me back some confidence and making me see my full potential. The 2 local groups to me which have helped me has been my slimming world, without it I wouldn't have lost 4 plus stone, and my personal trainer, grace Miller at figured fitness, who has been amazing at pushing my strength. But the most important things have just been my family and my friends, for believing in me and supporting me with every decision I make.

Becca's Story

Hiya, my name is Becca austin (or becci, not fussed) and I was diagnosed with primary mediastinal b cell lymphoma in July 2015, 5 weeks before my 25th birthday. I had to have 6 rounds of R-Chop, a form of chemotherapy treatment which is one type of steroids, 3 types of chemo and 1 type of anti immune therapy all at the same time, and 15 rounds of radiotherapy to my chest. 
I went to the drs back in the March with a persistent cough which had lasted more than 6 weeks, and was told there was an abnormality and was referred to a chest physician "urgently" for further tests. 3 months later I had had my ct scan, but the consultant admitted that it had not been an urgent referral. 

I have been left with a weakened immune system, and suffer with cold hands and feet like all the time! I have also been diagnosed with premature ovarian insufficiency as a result of the chemo, so will go through the menopause within the next 5 years, and will need IVF to be able to have children. I will also need annual thyroid tests for the rest of my life and mammograms from the age of 33. 
Whilst the cancer itself left me with such little confidence and a huge weight gain, I have been so incredibly fortunate to have met some amazingly strong people along the way and been given some amazing opportunities, such as sailing with the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust. I still find there was days when I do get anxious, but always try to battle on with life, this has been helped with a loss of a lot of weight in addition. Whilst I may not have many current long term side effects, I am always going to have reminders as to my journey for the rest of my life. Whilst I have been left with scars from the cancer, I am a stronger and braver person because of it.