What cancer were you diagnosed?

Brain cancer

What helped you to thrive?

Apart from my family, I've found the support of my neurosurgeon and Macmillan nurse to be very helpful. Also, The Brain Tumour Charity, our local Maggie's centre and now Trekstock!

Bridget's Story

In July 2015 I was diagnosed with a brain tumour and a few days after diagnosis I had emergency surgery to remove it. The surgeon managed to get every visible part of a tumour out and I spent about 10 days in the hospital after my surgery and returned home to await the pathology of a tumour.

On the same day that I bought my wedding dress, I was told that I had a (grade 4) medulloblastoma and would required further treatment.

I went on to have craniospinal radiotherapy treatment but this was discontinued due to my sickness being so bad. I then attempted it again around 6 months later but again, I did not continue this. The treatment involves me lying face down with a mesh plastic mask over the back of my head, I couldn't move or see, and setting up the treatment each day took a long time - I'm very claustrophobic and it just got to the point where I could not cope with it anymore.

I have found the support of our local Maggie's Centre, to be vital to keeping me sane! In my time there, I hadn't met any other young people at the centre - they don't have a young people's group so I was directed to Trekstock. I noticed all the Trekstock events were in England so I got in touch and we kicked off Trekstock in Scotland and I'm now a Trekstock Champion, hosting Cuppa & Connects in Dundee.

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