What cancer were you diagnosed with?


What age were you diagnosed?


What has helped you to thrive?

Sharing my story gives me the strength to carry on. I continue to raise awareness and offer support to the cancer and chronic pain community and anyone else I can inspire to come forward to share their story and have those difficult conversations. I celebrate my 'new normal' and have fully accepted that I am a truly a rare gem...

Charlene's Story

I was 27 years old and a mum to a 5-year-old, when I was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma - a rare form of Bone Cancer in my left knee.

Within a few weeks of diagnosis and further testing, I underwent a full knee replacement where the tumour was removed along with half of my thigh bone and the lower leg bone - all replaced with metal. I had no clue how my life and body was about to change forever!

After surgery, I received an intense amount of treatment in the form of medication, that came with the same effects as Chemo. I was sick, unable to walk, I was homebound, I put on a huge amount of weight and received a limited amount of support. My mental health suffered, and I felt isolated, overwhelmed with anxiety and traumatised. I developed an extreme lack of body confidence and refused to show my scars.

In order to walk independently again, physical rehabilitation took almost 2 years and against doctors’ advice I weaned myself off the heavy cocktail of medications, as my body had had enough. I began to fight back as I could no longer bare to see my son seeing me like this anymore.

Over the years I have had further surgeries all caused by cancer and my immune system has never fully recovered. Every day is a challenge and I have now adjusted to life with permanent mobility issues, multiple chronic and invisible illnesses.

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