What cancer were you diagnosed with?

HER2 Breast Cancer

What age were you diagnosed?


What has helped you to thrive?

What helped me thrive was having the strength to help others along my journey and share my experiences with others. I also found the online support groups extremely helpful and the team at the Royal Marsden just brilliant!

Donia's Story

I was diagnosed in April 2017 at 39yrs old with HER2 breast cancer which had spread to my lymph nodes. I underwent a double mastectomy with an immediate DIEP flap reconstruction, full node clearance operation, hysterectomy and confirmed with the BRCA2 gene during chemotherapy. A mother of a 2&5yr old at the time, I decided to play to my strengths and in parallel with my existing successful business, Tiny Angels Ltd – a renowned modelling and acting agency for children, I recently launched Tiny Angels Press Ltd which is a publishing house supporting cancer charities and other cancer survivors who just like me, want to share their own stories and experience. I am an advocate for cancer survivors; and I'm raising awareness that behind every cancer diagnostic is a real person with dreams and aspirations and helping them to achieve their dreams.

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