What cancer were you diagnosed with?

Primary Mediastinal Large B Cell Non-Hodgkins lymphoma

What age were you diagnosed?


Jacob's Story

I was diagnosed with a rare type of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma called Primary Mediastinal Large B Cell Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. After several visits to the doctor with a range of symptoms, including night sweats, chills, weight loss, coughing and blue veins appearing on my chest, I ended up in A&E. I had a CT Scan and the results showed a large 10cm squared tumour in my chest and other deposits of cancer in my liver, spleen, pelvis bone, ribs and more besides. I was in total shock as the news was delivered to me by a team of doctors and nurses. I was rushed in for a chest biopsy the same day to determine my exact cancer diagnosis, but over the next two weeks whilst waiting for the results, my condition was getting worse.

In the end I was rushed into hospital so that I could be monitored and then I started chemotherapy treatment within a few days. I had 6 rounds of RCHOP chemo as an outpatient and 3 Methotrexate chemo as an inpatient over a 6 month period. That was followed by 15 rounds of radiotherapy to the chest to eradicate some remaining cancer in my mediastinum. After a 3 month wait I had a final PET scan that confirmed I had no evidence of disease. I'm feeling very grateful and relieved but mentally it can still be difficult after treatment. I was a fit, healthy person before and it takes time to process what happened. I suffered from fatigue a lot after treatment which can be frustrating but I'm looking forward to a fresh start.