What cancer were you diagnosed with?

Hodgkins lymphoma 

Josh's Story

My cancer journey began around Halloween 2013. My diagnosis came after a long battle with misdiagnoses. I had been struggling with fatigue and weight loss for some time, and in some ways, a cancer diagnosis opened a pathway to treatment and the hope of a normal life again. Two years on, I have undergone four different chemotherapy regimes and just completed a stem cell transplant. The doctors seem confident that no further treatment is required.

Thriving through cancer is not an easy feat. I tried to keep myself mentally healthy, through self-education, socialising and routine, and this kept me focused on the task at hand.

The more I discover about Trekstock, the more excited I am to become a part of it! There is a feeling of being let go once the cancer journey comes to end, yet there are so many more hurdles to overcome before resuming a 'normal life'. Trekstock acts as that bridge to give support and information to those who need it.