What cancer were you diagnosed with?

cervical cancer

What age were you diagnosed?


What has helped you to thrive?

Having cancer and facing some of the thoughts you go through during that diagnosis has actually helped me thrive as a human. I now put much more time and thought into caring about my body and the life I want to live. I have learned to be more present and aware of what I want and feel whereas before I would always be compromising to ensure everyone else was OK.

I also found being open with my friends and colleagues was an incredible experience. I created a private Facebook group with close people in my life, so I could update people on what was happening as it was too overwhelming to message 10+ people individually. That group grew to about 50 people and was such a huge source of support and love to me, that, along with the incredible support from my husband meant that I felt like I was surrounded by a huge bubble of love for my entire treatment which gave me so much strength when I needed it most.

Kat's Story

I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in November 2018. Thank goodness I went for a smear test, which led to ultrasound, biopsy and a range of scans and appointments which culminated my final diagnosis of stage 2b node-negative adenocarcinoma cervical cancer.

Everything happened incredibly quickly, from that day I was having conversations about my treatment, impending loss of fertility and medical menopause, it was pretty full-on. Over that Christmas I had a procedure to extract eggs and started my treatment of chemoradiotherapy and brachiotherapy in January, finishing end of February, in the June I was so grateful to get an all clear!

Although I'm incredibly grateful to be cancer-free for over a year now, the ongoing changes in my body can sometimes be a challenge; from hot flashes, or feeling stiff after sitting for too long & when I wake up, to ongoing care I have to take for parts of my body. Sometimes it feels like the treatment was the easy part.