What cancer were you diagnosed with?

Stage 4 incurable cervical cancer

What age were you diagnosed?


What has helped you to thrive?

What helped me most through this was how well my body has responded. Initially, they thought I wouldn’t make it past January and I would have no kidney function forever. I have fully functioning kidneys now as my first two chemos shrunk the tumour enough to allow them to function. I’ve also bought a house and moved pretty much alone so I know how strong I am. I also have a great support system including people who have survived cancer against the odds. Finally, I set up an Instagram to document my story which has helped people and allowed me to connect with other incurables.

Keeley's Story

I was diagnosed in January 2020 after my kidneys failed due to the tumour blocking them. Had my mom not argued with the doctor to do a blood test, I would have died as my kidneys were about to give up completely.

I had been going to the doctors for 16 months before this as I initially noticed a lot of blood clots. I had one scan in 2018 which came back clear. I was then told I had a burst cyst after chronic pain one night. I repeatedly went to the doctors and A&E after really heavy bleeds and blood clots the size of my hand but kept getting told it was just how my periods were even though I knew it wasn’t normal! Even after diagnosis, I was told that because I was young, otherwise healthy and not showing any other symptoms, that they would assume it was other things first.