What cancer were you diagnosed with?

Stage 1 ER+ breast cancer Grade 3 HER2+

What age were you diagnosed?


What helped you to thrive?

Initially finding out my diagnosis was curative, then having a strong family unit, a very supportive husband and voicing everything I was experiencing on social media have all help me through my cancer journey.

Kelly's Story

I got married on 31st October 2015, left my job as a Personal Trainer to seek an opportunity for progression as a Health Mentor however the job wasn't available immediately. So I worked as Chef with my husband during the transitional period. During this time, I started to notice my health declining; frequent colds, I had a lingering cough which lasted 5 months, my pee turned luminous yellow no matter how much water I drank. I didn't think much of it - it was winter after all and the heat of the kitchen causes you to dehydrate quickly. 

Come January, my new job came around and things were starting to fall into place, I was so busy! I loved every second of it. My cold got worse, my cough was rattling and my energy levels plummeted. I soldiered on thinking nothing of it until I started to get tingling hands whenever I felt the slightest bit of pressure on me (adrenal fatigue). Then came a dizzy spell, where my eyes span causing me to feel like I'd literally been flipped over.

I had a few of these then noticed a painful lump in my left breast. I got it seen within a week and was diagnosed the week after. 6 months later, post chemotherapy & operation (opted for bilateral mastectomy even though it was medically unnecessary), I'm being treated with Herceptin but I've been given the all-clear.