What cancer were you diagnosed with?

Breast Cancer

What age were you diagnosed?


What has helped you to thrive?

I would say to always try to take the positives from what you can. I’ve found it beneficial to not read too much into the side effects of treatment and what could happen. I’ve always been aware of them but not given them much thought as I’ve always said what is the point in worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet.
However, I have always allowed myself to have those down days where I don’t feel positive but I always make sure the next day I'm up and I keep my mind busy to keep myself occupied.

Laura's Story

Just to trust your instinct after being told by my doctor it was muscle pain and those symptoms may not always follow suit of the ‘normal’ ones as mine didn’t. Went through with the fertility process at the beginning of my treatment (which wasn’t as bad as I thought). I have worn the cold/cool cap during my chemo sessions and so far it’s worked! I have decided to go through with a double mastectomy with reconstruction.