What cancer were you diagnosed with?


What age were you diagnosed?


What has helped you to thrive?

Has been first and foremost God immediately followed by my daughter, Scarlett.

Lissett's Story

My story began when my bottom right chin felt numb on February 20, 2018. By May 29th I grew what my periodontal thought was a pregnancy tumour & he lasered it off. I was 15 weeks pregnant, but I didn’t know the gender of the baby because I wanted it to be a surprise when I gave birth.

In 2 weeks that growth behind my bottom right molar grew back & was removed with laser again. By July 12th that abscess on my molar grew back yet again. I was 23 weeks. By this time I had met a new Oral Maxillofacial from Jackson Memorial hospital recommended to me by the Oral Maxillofacial who operated on me in June of 2014 to remove my wisdom teeth. During this time of feeling numbness in my chin, I also saw a neurologist to rule out the possibility of having TN, trigeminal neuralgia. Why? Because I had other symptoms which describe TN such as severe, sudden, shock-like pain that’d last for a few seconds.