What cancer were you diagnosed with?

Breast Cancer

What age were you diagnosed?


What has helped you to thrive?

1) My family. I am incredibly lucky to have Super calm sibling and parents and in-laws who are like my own parents. And my Husband who has been an absolute hero. People say I’m brave but I think he’s even braver as watching me go through all the treatment must have been tough plus holding down a very demanding city job 
2) My music. I loved playing the piano and for a while now I hadn’t played since leaving the family home a good few years ago. So my parents bought me a digital piano for my birthday and I’ve loved learning and re-learning some new and old pieces. It allowed me to totally switch off from things - it became my meditation!  
3) journaling and blogging became very therapeutic and also became a massive confidence boost. I’ve struggled with low confidence and a lack of self-esteem my whole life. But this diagnosis has been a catalyst for me to step out of my shell a bit and share my story a bit more publicly in the hope it will encourage others to be more aware of their bodies not just for breast cancer but any cancer. It’s made me believe in myself like never before and fight for my life because there is yet so much to see, do and accomplish.

Pryana's Story

I’m one year since diagnosis and finished active treatment but realise this journey is for life. I’m a very odd case of breast cancer that has been treated but my specialists are throwing everything at it. I’m currently on a 6month course of oral chemo tablets at quite a high doseage so it’s stalking my ability to move forward. When I finish I look forward to being put in’s tamoxifen which is unsuspecting as Ali am triple-negative but did have weakly positive hormone receptors. It’s quite scary knowing I have to take these drugs.