What cancer were you diagnosed with? 

bowel cancer

What age were you diagnosed?


What has helped you to thrive? 

The support of my brilliant family, boyfriend and friends as well as the online cancer community, lots of projects - home improvements, sewing, planning trips for when I am well between treatments, and always trying to find the humour in the whole situation.

Susanna's Story

I was diagnosed in April 2017 with bowel cancer after various tests. I was at the time as far as I knew a normal, healthy 26-year-old. My life consisted of working hard in my job as a civil engineer, eating and drinking with friends and family, holidays with my partner and generally enjoying myself. I didn’t really worry about my health and I never considered myself unhealthy before, I definitely took my health for granted.

Once I was diagnosed I went straight in for surgery 7 days later. Those 7 days were probably the scariest of all but once treatment started I was able to feel like I was getting somewhere, I had a goal, and I was trying to get better. I’m now undergoing chemotherapy which is a whole thing to deal with in itself! But I’m getting through it! Cancer is a real shit storm at any age, and when it comes at a time when health problems are totally unexpected it can feel like a bolt from the blue. I have struggled a lot with the idea of needing help, with not being able to work, with feeling like time has been stolen from me.

I have cried (a lot) and had some really tough days. But I have also laughed a lot, grown closer to my friends, family and boyfriend, realised that there is a lot of kindness out there when you need it and found that I am proud of myself and the way I have dealt with this awful situation.
I have found Trekstock so helpful, especially as it is for younger people. Having cancer in your twenties can feel ridiculous and unfair so it is good to know that you are not alone. Reading other peoples stories reassured me that we share so many common emotions and fears, it helped me to feel much less like the only one going through this.