What cancer were you diagnosed with?

breast cancer

What age were you diagnosed?


What has helped you to thrive?

Although it was definitely hard and overwhelming at first to process everything that was happening, alongside the fact that you definitely feel more “out of place” as a young person with breast cancer, the support of my friends and family has been more than I could ever wish for and they are all definitely helping me thrive since being diagnosed. 

Zoe's Story

My name is Zoe and I was diagnosed with breast cancer, aged 23. By chance, I found a lump in my right breast after trying on different bras. Because of my age and no previous health problems, I didn’t ever think this would be the dreaded “c” word. After a few doctors and hospital appointments, and after being told that it was nothing to worry about, I received the news, of surprise to the consultants too, that I had cancer. 

Since being diagnosed, I have undergone fertility treatment to freeze my eggs, attended a number of appointments beyond my memory and am now undergoing chemotherapy. I have also undergone genetic testing, and my results have thankfully come back negative, which means I’ll never know why or how this cancer developed. 

For all those reading this (if anyone!) I would definitely push for you to get anything unusual checked because it’s not a risk worth taking.