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Planning For Your Future

Planning for your future may be hard if you have experienced cancer for a number of reasons. There may be things that you haven’t thought you should think about or you haven’t been able to think about as your main focus has been on your being healthy through your cancer journey.

If you have been through cancer, re-establishing goals and getting back on track is important and sometimes hard to do as you may feel that you have lost time when many of your friends and those your age have been making progress and it is hard to get back to where you may have been before.

There may also be ways that cancer will affect some of the decisions you make and may also impact on the way you are treated when you are trying to get back into education, employment and taking control of your finances.

This section will give you practical and factual information to make you better prepared to plan for your future and to help you thrive.


Trekstock is modern and aimed at my age group - local support groups tend to be focused to the “older” age groups and often have coffee mornings and craft sessions (which don’t really interest me). THRIVE is more relevant and displays a much more positive energy.
Ric Clark, Trekstock Network


Dr Felicity Williamson

MSc Public Health