How Cancer Can Affect Your Fertility

When you’re diagnosed with cancer, having a child may be the furthest thing from your mind or the first thing you thought of. Cancer treatment varies widely depending on your age, the type, stage and site of your cancer, and the decisions you make. It is often difficult to know how your fertility has been affected immediately after treatment. Research is constantly occurring in this field, and new techniques being developed.

Studies have highlighted the importance of having access to fertility-related information at a number of points through the cancer journey;

  • At the time of diagnosis

  • When making treatment decisions

  • After treatment finishes

What will be covered in this section

This section will look at fertility preservation, the effects that fertility and treatment may have on romantic relationships and cancers that are inherited or run in families. This section will also talk about procedures such as IVF, how the female body copes with pregnancy post cancer treatment and options surrounding Non biological parenting.


It is great that THRIVE directly tackles issues that relate specifically to young people, for example, information regarding fertility. It feels like a place where nothing is off limits.


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Dr Felicity Williamson

MSc Public Health