How Your Employment May Be Affected By Cancer

Whilst some people continue to work during and after their treatment, for others this is not an option. You may need time off for treatment or follow up, need assistance in your current job or may feel that you can no longer work. You may also have questions and concerns about applying or starting a new job and how your cancer journey may affect your chances of getting a job and also undertaking a new role.

It’s important that you discuss your condition with your workplace and find out what options they have in place and to know your legal rights surrounding the workplace. The Equality Act ensures you have the right to negotiate for reasonable changes in your work or workplace, and offers legal protection if you feel you have been treated unfairly by your employer.

What's included in this section

This section will look at ways to best deal with your current working situation during your cancer journey as well as issues related to getting a job in the future. The legal aspects relating to your employer, issues surrounding being self employed and tips to help you feel supported and empowered in your workplace will also be included in this section.


With regards to THRIVE, I think that the Finance and Employment sections will be really helpful as they are developed. Obviously it's more likely to be younger people who are in work and trying further their careers. I know it's definitely something that I'm struggling with at the moment. I have been off work for six months so far, and it's looking like it will be a lot longer. I would love to read ideas of things to do and how to manage not working.
(Alisha, Trekstock Young Person's Network)


Dr Felicity Williamson

MSc Public Health