How Nutrition Links With Cancer

Nutrition plays a huge role in everyone’s lives and we have partnered with Toral Shah, an expert in post cancer nutrition, both personally and professionally, to give you advice on what you should eat, things to avoid and how to incorporate good nutrition into your lives.

Cancer interacts with nutrition in a number of ways and a number of international cancer guidelines recommend a healthy diet for those who have experienced cancer. Nutrition is important in terms of preventing cancers as obesity can increase your risk of developing the most common cancers. Nutrition also plays a big part in survival as both obesity and the quality of your diet have been shown to influence your lifespan after cancer.

Thriving through cancer is also about your quality of life and feeling energised has a lot to do with how you fuel your body. Eating well throughout the cancer journey is a great way to do this and doesn’t have to be expensive.

Please take note that if you are neutropenic there are certain foods that you need to avoid. For more information follow this link.

What will be covered in this section

This section gives you the knowledge and skills to maintain a healthy and balanced diet and to help boost your bodies natural immune defences. We will also be talking about any nutritional deficiencies you may now face due to your cancer treatment and how to best add these things into your diet in a natural way. We will also talk about what role supplements and additives may have. Having enough energy and nutrients is important to let you do the things you want and achieve your goals.


Dr Felicity Williamson

MSc Public Health