To help young men with cancer in the UK to get talking and meet others like them who get it.

"Hello and welcome to Cancer Lads. We are the Collard twins (Ryan & Sean) and we are both testicular cancer survivors. We battled it together and during our fight we realised that there isn’t enough being done to help men through the process."

The aim of this group is to make men with cancer feel normal again by connecting with other men who just get it. Cancer is brutal and relentless and can make you feel half the man you used to be but we are trying to rebuild the walls that cancer knocks down.

We want to start by building a strong online community where we can support one another through the good times and bad. We will be posting inspirational men’s stories and discussing topics that men sometimes struggle to open up about. Feel free to share things that have helped you during and post treatment.

We will also be working alongside the wonderful charity Trekstock who are helping us to organise events that will be coming soon. Again all ideas are welcome! Let’s create an army of brothers who just get it! #CancerLads”


To change the game for men with cancer and provide a space to get active together and where guys can share how they are doing. Cancer Lads is a movement that aims to get guys supporting guys through and beyond cancer.


More men are diagnosed with cancer than women and men are more likely to be diagnosed at a later stage. Men are less likely to go to the GP to talk about their symptoms due to embarrassment or just not seeing it as important.


Cancer Lads is a movement started by Sean and Ryan Collard, twin brothers diagnosed with testicular cancer within a week of each other. Through their own experience of diagnosis and through treatment the brothers found that the support for guys and meeting others like them were few and far between. Ryan was diagnosed with stage 4 testicular cancer down in the south of the UK, whilst Sean was diagnosed with stage 2 up in the North.

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Cancer Lads has partnered with Trekstock, so that together we can provide the best possible support young adults living with cancer in the UK find their confidence and be equipped with the tools to live even better with cancer. By working together in collaboration, we can help more young adults get moving again after cancer than ever before and address more of the key issues they face. The synergy between Cancer Lads and Trekstock is clearly evident and we are excited about having Ryan and Sean on board to share their experiences and to help grow Trekstock’s service delivery for men.