Our meaningful corporate partnerships allow us to make our support for people in their 20s or 30s with cancer go even further. Every partnership we have helps make sure no one in their 20s or 30s has to face cancer alone. Without these partnerships, we’d struggle to reach as many of our community as effectively as we do.

With 34 people in their 20s or 30s diagnosed with cancer every day in the UK, your support is crucial and helps us change the lives of people affected by cancer. Every partnership allows us to make a difference, reach more people and provide more support to those who need it. 

In other words, corporate partnerships are a game changer for our small charity and the people we support. In other words, we'd love to partner with you.
"Our relationship with Trekstock means so much to us. Knowing that we can be a part of their journey to supporting young adults who have been stopped in their tracks by cancer... well that ticks all of the boxes for us. To know we can make a real difference through our campaign and the donations we raise, truly means the world to us. We're so passionate about encouraging our community to donate everything they can to support such an inspirational cause." Melanie Marsden, Chief Brand Officer, Lounge Underwear

We really believe in partnerships that make a difference. For us, it’s not a tickbox exercise, nor is it just about raising funds (although these are vital). When you partner with us we want you to be as proud of the work we do together and to believe in our cause as much as we do. Our work makes a difference to the lives of young adults living with, through and beyond a cancer diagnosis and partnerships are an integral part of this difference. When you get on board with Team Trekstock, you'll see and feel the impact of that difference. That’s pretty special. 

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