Is your company active in the UK? Do you have employees in their 20s and 30s? Customers and consumers in this age group? If so, then working with Trekstock can meet your CSR goals with relevant projects and meet the health and wellbeing needs of some of them.

For your colleagues. For your consumers.

UK employee benefits do not have age-appropriate support for young people with cancer – health insurance,wellbeing support, Employee Assistance Programmes – none of them provide tailoured, specific help for this community. And they need it.

A 2023 Financial Times analysis revealed that a rising number of people receive a cancer diagnoses in their 20s or 30s. This is not just a concern for health systems; it is a problem for business too. Young people who survive cancer are at greater risk of long-term conditions such as infertility, cardiovascular disease and secondary cancers, potentially affecting their ability to work.

As more people thankfully survive cancer, increasing numbers of young adults will be living with long-term and late effects - severe fatigue and depression, early menopause, reduced muscle strength, lack of confidence, poor body image and the emotional scars of isolation.

Not to put too fine a point on it but this is your young workforce - bright, career-track employees (and consumers if this is your target audience).

Every year, 14,600 people in their 20s and 30s diagnosed with cancer; we want to reach every one of them. We currently support 4,290 (figure year ending May 2022). We need corporate partners to help us reach the rest.

Each of our partnerships is unique and we have plenty of ideas to make them successful, depending on what your organisation needs to achieve from collaborating with a charity, from sponsorship to charity of the year and everything else in between. From our physical exercise programmes to coaching and menopause, we can channel your support into the area of our work that most closely aligns with your values and target audiences.


  • Align your brand with our game-changing, ambitious and growing charity
  • Connect with our audience of engaged young people and 200k+ social media followers
  • Get your workforce healthy, active and working together
  • Create meaningful impact and lasting results that change lives
  • Collaborate with a small, experienced team, on hand to create innovative charity campaigns
  • Deliver positive PR and targeted comms that will show your lasting impact
  • Have access to our community and real-life stories to help engage your brilliant people
    with the cause
  • Upskill your HR and management teams to boost the support you offer colleagues
    and loved ones experiencing cancer


From treks to bake sales, mountain climbs to skydives, we work closely with the companies that support us, whether it’s for one specific event you already have planned or as your charity of the year requiring a year-round programme. We can work hand-in-hand with your internal team to create an engaging, tailored programme of fundraising activities including workplace activities, special events, sporting challenges and volunteering opportunities. 

We have a superb track record for organising corporate challenges, which is a great way in to beginning a partnership with Trekstock.

Take on Barry's Bootcamp as a team:


Corporate treks:

We organise city, UK and international treks, which we design with partners to meet their organisation’s team-building and CSR goals. From the heat of the Sahara to Edinburgh’s seven hills, we have a destination and trek duration to suit most needs.

If a team trek isn’t the right fit, our incredible fundraisers will help you devise a unique challenge, from sporty to creative.


If you have a brand that aligns with our demographic, supporting our events might work well for you.

What about hosting or co-sponsoring a style night – an evening of styling, nibbles and drinks in a retail setting, helping our members rebuild confidence and find their ‘new normal’ fashion look. Stylists are on hand to help navigate the latest season's trends and every attendee leaves with a goody bag.

If your brand is active and sporty, then sponsoring a RENEW programme could be for you. It’s is an eight-week, evidence-based course of small-group classes designed by cancer rehabilitation specialists, with cancer exercise specialists on hand to guide class members.

The goal is simple: keep moving in whatever way works for the individual, whatever the diagnosis and however they’re feeling.

RENEW was nominated for Most Valuable Digital Therapy Award in the Reuters Pharma Awards Europe 2022.  

Meet & Move is a gorgeous day of wellbeing, inspirational speakers, great food and exercise. With activities including yoga, cooking demonstrations, exercise classes, art therapy, coaching, nutrition discussions and more, we create space for young people diagnosed with cancer to move, meet, chat and just be. 

What an opportunity to get your brand in front of this audience in a positive, non-clinical setting!  We can work with you to do this in a way that supports your brand goals while benefitting our young people.


Developing a close, long-term relationship with Trekstock as a Charity of the Year partner has so many benefits. As well as raising essential funds for our work, you’ll be enhancing your reputation as a socially responsible company.

We’ll work closely with you to create an engaging, tailored programme of fundraising activities including events, workplace activities, challenges, volunteering opportunities and support you every step of the way to make the most of this unique opportunity.


Time and expertise are as valuable as financial support. We can put the skills in your workforce to good use as part of your CSR remit. From coaching and mentoring young people on their return to work, to strategic advice to support the charity in its operations, there are many areas of our work that need this vital support.

Other ways to donate

For anyone less keen to chuck on a silly outfit and trek up a mountain, there are easier ways to donate to Trekstock. We recommend Payroll Giving (a donation from your pay cheque each month in a simple, tax-effective way) or Matched Funding (many employers offer the opportunity to double the amount you fundraise at no extra cost to you). Speak to your HR team to do either.


We’re open to new ideas, so please email to start the conversation.

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