Every penny donated directly funds life changing and practical and social support for young people living with cancer. You can use this link to make a donation here and easily share with friends and family.

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Remember to include a note to let us know who your donation is in memory of. Please make all cheques payable to Trekstock Ltd.

Fundraise In Memory
Each year, thousands of people take on a personal challenge or organise an event to celebrate the life of someone special. Sign up for one of our challenges or organise your own fundraising event for your loved one.

For more information on ways to support us in memory of a loved one please get in touch or call 020 45417601.

We would like to shine a light on Elliot Dallen, and thank his family and friends for raising a phenomenal £46,480 for Trekstock. 

Elliot was diagnosed with stage 4 adrenocortical carcinoma (ACC) in May 2018, aged 29, and died in September 2020, aged 31. He loved live music, festivals, travel, many sports, reading and spending time with those closest to him. ACC is an aggressive cancer that affects approximately one in a million people per year. You can find out more about ACC here. Unfortunately, most ACCs are diagnosed at advanced stages. 

Elliot wrote two articles for The Guardian in the months preceding his death. Elliot's Guardian articles moved many readers to donate to Trekstock, his chosen charity, in Elliot's name. Incredibly, Elliot's second article also made it into 'The 200 Moments That Made the Guardian', during The Guardian's 200th birthday celebration in May 2021. 

"Elliot believed in living life to the full, and he really enjoyed keeping active. Elliot recognised how physical activity could have a really positive impact on mental health and emotional well-being, and so wanted to support Trekstock." - Annabel Dallen, Elliot's sister. 

Elliot's attitude towards life and his compelling message has and will continue, to inspire people for years to come. We recommend taking the time to read these articles in a quiet place and use the time to reflect. Elliot's personal blog, which he started shortly after being diagnosed with cancer, can be found here: http://thecortisoldiaries.blogspot.com/ 

"Elliot chose to raise money for Trekstock because, among other things, Elliot liked the fact that Trekstock encourages and supports physical well-being for young adults with cancer, for example, by providing bespoke exercise programmes."

We're proud to share Elliot's vision of the importance of exercise to help young people thrive with and beyond a cancer diagnosis. 

"Elliot's friends and old colleagues have also done an excellent job at raising funds for Trekstrock in Elliot's memory, through challenging walks and cycle rides. It's really tremendous and Elliot would have loved the fact he's inspired this sort of action".

On behalf of everyone at Trekstock, a huge thank you to Elliot, his family and friends. For more info on Elliot please see About Us | Elliot Dallen Trust.