In the words of Marvin Gaye (sort of), let's get it om. Yoga is the business for anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer, whatever type, whatever stage. Whether you've never done an asana in your life or you're used to rocking crow pose on the regular, our seven day yoga series, hosted by cancer rehab specialist Joelle Rainford, is for you. 

Some people with cancer say yoga helps calm their mind so that they can cope better with their illness. Others say it helps reduce symptoms and side effects such as pain, tiredness, sleep problems and depression. All we know for sure is that a good stretch and time out from real life is nearly always good.

This series is hosted on YouTube and you can complete it in your own time. Every session is around 30 minutes long. You just need a bit of space and a yoga mat if you've got one to hand.

Ready to get a bit more zen?

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