Cancer Inequalities Workshop - It's time to talk representation

There can be no more important task for those concerned with the health of the population than to reduce health inequalities." Professor Marmott. 

The Why of the event: In November 2021, our Lifting the Lid on Cancer Inequalities - Where's the Data? saw us joined by experts to hear stories about issues faced by minoritised groups. We heard how postcode, cancer type, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender are all impacting the way care is delivered and this is failing to be addressed. Our experts also told us there is a lack of representation of these groups within the cancer narrative, issues around data collection and how unconscious bias exists right across the cancer pathway, including within charities.  

Building on this we had the amazing Kei Retta from Young Lives vs Cancer talking about their approach to Diversity, Inclusion, Equality and Belonging. 

"I'm encouraged & hopeful, that there are many of us out there & that together we can make a positive difference."

We know you all do amazing work to support people living with and beyond cancer at every stage, but we also know there is so much more we can all do to ensure that the services we offer are reaching and catering for everyone and not just the lucky few. That's why we are holding another follow-up event to bring together different stakeholders to reflect and learn from one another. 

You'll get an opportunity to hear from Phoebe Lazell, from Coppafeel who will be focusing on representing all and the journey they went on to do just that. 

The workshop is in partnership with the fantastic Kei Retta Farrell from Young Lives vs Cancer and Toral Shah from Urban Kitchen. 

Team Trekstock is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Cancer Inequalities Workshop

Join the workshop on Zoom: 

Our Aims for the workshop:

  • To create a safe and supportive space (no judgement here) where people feel able to admit the Good, the Bad and the Ugly in their organisation, to share learnings (You don’t know what you don’t know!) and begin to ask questions
  • To empower and equip people to make achievable changes within their organisation and challenge the status quo
  • To give people space and time to look at what steps they have made and the steps that they need to take, but are yet to
  • To create a supportive relationship between the smaller organisations and larger organisations to work together and share insights
  • For charities to recognise the power they have to advocate and ensure data is collected and used in the right way to improve outcomes and personalised care is given to all people living with cancer 

Questions to ask yourself prior to the workshop when it comes to representation? 

  • What things are you doing well in this area?  
  • How representative of all people living with cancer is your organisation in media, social media, website, events you host? 
  • How accessible is the language you use on your website both in terms of languages offered and literacy?
  • What stories does your organisation tell about who you support?  Is it inclusive? 
  • Who are the people you partner with? 
  • Who are you not serving and why? 

Meet Your Experts:

Phoebe is the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Manager at CoppaFeel!, a youth-focused breast cancer awareness charity. With five year's experience in the charity sector. She now works holistically across the organisation to create open environments to reflect, learn and to drive forward CoppaFeel!'s ambition of becoming an equitable charity; ensuring their message is relevant & accessible for everyone.

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