Heading back to work after cancer treatment can be confusing/overwhelming/exciting/all of the above. It can also bring up questions about whether you're still in the right job. Because everything's changed. All of these thoughts and feelings are perfectly normal.

    That's why we're bringing you this 'Find the Job You Love' workshop run by the amazing career coach Fiona Moss, giving you the opportunity to explore where you're at with your career and rediscover yourself and your passions. Whether you're already in the job your love and just need to reignite that fire or are looking for some guidance to help you to find a new job that'll get you out of bed on a morning, you'll find whatever you need here.

    Join us to get some straight talking advice along with 3 simple steps to changing your career with confidence.

    Meet Your Coach:

    Fiona Moss is not your average career and business coach. Bold, sassy AF, unapologetically challenging the rules, doing things her way and seeking the most adventurous, wild, abundant life possible for herself - and for you. The reason? Because she knows how hard life can be generally, without your job being hard too. In 2020 Fiona's boyfriend died from cancer after three years of treatment. Recognising the fragility of life, Fiona decided to take her life into her own hands, changing her career and living a life she now adores. And now she supports others to do the same - no matter what life throws at them.

    Booking for this event has now closed.