Join Us to chat to Dr Philippa Kaye about her new book,  Doctors get Cancer Too. 

Thursday 18th February at 7pm on Trekstock's Instagram Live


Honest and heart wrenching", Holly Willoughby
If you're a healthcare professional, training to be one, or just love a 'no topic off limit' discussion then this one's for you. Join us on Trekstock's Instagram Live on the 18th February for a fun evening where our very own Health Programmes Lead, Jemima Reynolds will be chatting to Dr Philippa Kaye about her own experience of being diagnosed as a young adult with bowel cancer in her late 30s. We'll be discussing topics from how it has changed her, the impact it had on her body, mind and spirit, how she coped with the demands on her as a mother, doctor, wife and how the experience has given her new insight into caring for her patients and much more.  The evening promises to be an entertaining and informative one. 


Dr Philippa Kaye    

Dr Philippa Kaye was 39 years old when she was diagnosed with bowel cancer.  As a GP, she had seen and helped many patients through cancer but this was her first experience on the other side, as a patient.  Like many of us with cancer, she wears many hats, be that mother, wife, doctor, author, sister, friend and more and the cancer tried to invade all these relationships and roles.  If knowledge is empowering, when does it stop helping and start adding to anxiety?  Does understanding the medicine help or hinder?  And importantly, how has being a patient changed how she is as a doctor?

Doctors Get Cancer Too is Dr Philippa's diary of her experience as a young adult and doctor with cancer and is available online and in stores from 11th February 2021.  She will be discussing her journey, covering everything from parenthood to cancer in a pandemic in an IGTV live at 7pm on 18th Feb -see you there!

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