Whether you’re a walker and new to challenge events, an experienced trekker, a marathon enthusiast upping the distance, or a seasoned ultra runner after UTMB points – there’s an Ultra Challenge for you! 

Push yourself further afield – and take on the Jordan Ultra Challenge! It’s 2 marathon distances over 2 days at your pace in a fantastic setting on an inspirational route through the dramatic desert scenery of Wadi Rum, with vast silent landscapes, ancient sun baked riverbeds, sand dunes, and a  Bedouin style basecamp.

This 6 day trip is action packed – a testing challenge, magnificent scenery, camping under the stars, camaraderie, full support, a visit to Petra – the ‘8th wonder of the ancient world, and capped with some relaxation in the therapeutic waters of the Dead Sea. An unforgettable Arabian adventure – and an Ultra Challenge like no other!

Jordan is a popular destination – and for a good reason, with a fantastic mix of history, stunning landscapes, and unique sights. Wadi Rum – described by T.E Lawrence (.. ‘of Arabia’ fame) as ‘vast, echoing and god-like’ – provides an imposing desert backdrop for our double marathon distance challenge – with sandstone skyscraper-like towers carved by weather & winds, giving a unique Martian-like landscape.

After a tough day on the trails under the sun, relax in the private Bedouin style campsite with showers, dining tents, a bar with cold drinks, evening entertainment, and some great food.

With visits included to the incomparable UNESCO World Heritage Site of Petra, the ‘Rose City’ – and a day to relax by / in / or on the Dead Sea at a spa hotel – April 2024 is the time to do something really special!

For full details of the event, and how to join, head to the Ultra Challenge website where you can sign up online and then look forward to achieving something special in 2023!