We've teamed up with Lizzie from ADC (Actors Dance Collective) to deliver a twice monthy 60-minute class opened to young adults living with and beyond cancer.

Each free dance class is aimed at all those looking for a fun and an inclusive space to express themselves through movement, open to all levels and abilities. At the ADC they aim to provide a warm and positive environment to get moving, fostering both physical and personal well-being.

What to expect:

  • These classes encourage fitness, coordination and creativity through a combination of creative exercises, routines and plenty of giggles
  • Ask, challenge, play, fall, get back up
  • Screw ups encouraged! 

What to bring:

  • Comfortable/gym based clothing
  • A water bottle 
  • A plus one if you'd like to (just make sure they sign up for their free ticket too)

When I dance, everything bad that ever happened to me falls away. I’m at peace…The way it works is that I focus on my feet, my posture, where I’m looking, hands, balance. When I’m done with class I am, for a little while, free of anxiety, and I stop overthinking. Dance has taught me that trauma never fully undoes itself… but it has given me a way to restore peace and learn to be someone happy’

Booking for this event has now closed.