Not everyone likes to talk about their health issues - and that's before cancer's even part of the conversation. But we know just how important it is to be able to access the support you need so that you can take care of yourself properly.

At our Male Meet & Move in 2019, we saw firsthand just how needed bringing you all together to get connected and chatting is. 

That's why we're Lifting the Lid on what a game-changer community and connection can be for men's mental health. We're bringing you the best experts to discuss what needs to change, the support that's currently available and how we can ensure every young man diagnosed with cancer doesn't face it alone. Because our physical health affects our mental health and a recent statistic from Movember showed that suicide is the single biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in the UK. This stuff is serious.

"A great event for men with cancer to network, bond and feel a sense of normality." - Male Meet & Move attendee

We want to create a safe, reassuring and open space for men in their 20s or 30s, like you, to openly discuss their wellbeing issues, encourage conversations around this while empowering you to access support and make sure you get all the advice YOU need.

Meet Your Host:

Toby is a theatre maker who had Hodgkin's lymphoma at 19 and 21. He created a critically acclaimed theatre show about his experience called 'The Eulogy of Toby Peach' and co-founder of the awesome Afterthoughts podcast. He's also hosted many events for us including our Male Meet & Move in 2019.

"Hearing conversations on mental health and wellbeing is incredibly important for us to understand a bit more about what we might be experiencing ourselves. Sometimes we can’t put it into words ourselves and are just lost in the abyss of life beyond a diagnosis. Hearing other men talking about in their own way allows us to find our own language for what we might be finding hard to describe."

Meet Your Panellists:

Dr Alex King is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist in Psycho-oncology at the Imperial College Healthcare, with a vision to develop psychologically-minded cancer care systems, through training & consultation, patient engagement, collaboration & research.

“We need events like this to keep open the channels of exploration, communication and innovation in men’s wellbeing, because we won’t ever find one size that does fit all.”

Ambo Bell is a Cancer Exercise Specialist. He's helped many people living with and beyond cancer to understand what physical activity is and the benefits it can bring following treatment and is a passionate advocate for ensuring people know the amazing benefit exercise can have for your mental wellbeing. He's also one of our RENEW exercise programme instructors and has supported numerous people from our community to take that first active step after diagnosis.

Jim was diagnosed with testicular cancer in June 2016, two days after he’d finished his university finals. Following surgery and chemotherapy he went into remission in November 2016. He found out about Trekstock after active treatment, having been signposted to them by his Oncology team. He enjoys hanging out with friends, going to gigs and exhibitions and is an avid support of the England cricket team.

"It’s important to talk about men’s mental health so people know they are not alone during and after a cancer diagnosis. Understanding where to find support makes it easier and less overwhelming when you do want to reach out."

Godwill was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2017. His first passion is music, having been a fan and making music from a young age. He also enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

"I found out about Trekstock through my social worker who has been there with me form the very start, I find it very important for men’s mental health to be spoken about as it seems taboo in society for men to speak on their emotions and feelings. I feel like speaking up is the first step for others to feel confident, share and open-up about their hardship, since it is always put under the rug."

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