Every day, 34 people in their 20s or 30s are diagnosed with cancer in the UK. Thousands of people are diagnosed with cancer in their teens every year too. All too often the stories we hear about those who've experienced cancer end either when their treatment ends or if they die. But we're missing the bulk of the narrative. The reality is there is a rich and diverse tapestry of stories from the lives of young people living with and beyond cancer. Poisoned Seas and Stories will showcase some of the extraordinary stories of those living beyond hearing the words 'you have cancer'.

Because it’s so much more than bald heads and sad, steroid induced puffy faces. It's laughter and tears. Dating and relationships. Running. Education. Work. Fear of wet wipes. Check-ups. Glorious highs and crushing lows. It's life. It's beautiful and difficult and complex. It's so much more than cancer.

The works performed at this event have been created as part of a bigger project, which will hopefully be published in 2023.

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