We know it can be confusing, tough and lonely after treatment. But the truth is, however you feel, you're not actually alone.

The memory of a cancer diagnosis never really leaves you and sometimes a bit of extra support is needed to help you navigate life after treatment. That's why we've teamed up with Paul Golding founder of Barunsu Coaching, to guide you through some of the issues you've told us you need support with.

This programme is open to anyone who's finished treatment, whether that's in the last week or a few years ago and it's for anyone who identifies as male. Over 6 weeks, we'll focus on some of the issues that may have come up as a result of your cancer diagnosis, helping you to fulfil your potential and take those next steps.

Recent feedback (available on Linkedin - as Paul knows that loads of people make up quotes like this 😉 )

“Paul is a superb coach and someone who has helped me enormously in recent years whether with near or longer-term thinking. He brings a broad range of techniques and models to help guide and challenge but his strength is knowing when to apply these models in combination with his excellent listening skills”

This is a short programme for men who've been affected by cancer. This may be cancer specific to men, or aspects of cancer you may wish to explore in a supportive male environment.

This is a programme of six workshops which will help you:

• Explore whatever's coming up for you in a supportive space

• Learn tools for helping in times of uncertainty

• Work towards overcoming barriers that you may be experiencing

• Make use of the strengths you already have to help you

• Learn from others in a similar position; share tips and insight


  • Conversations where you get to hear from people who have similar experiences
  • A way to get comfortable with a “new normal” (whatever that means)
  • Some tools that make a practical impact over the next few weeks, months and years

You're in the right place.

Questions? Email us.

The need to knows

These workshops will be via Circle every Monday evening from the 30th of October. They will last about an hour and a half. There will be extra 'homework' to do in between the workshops - but don't worry, it won't take long to do!

This course is limited to 12 people.


The sessions are run by Paul Golding, an experienced and qualified coach (Senior Practitioner EMCC), who was diagnosed with Leukaemia in his early 30s. Paul is now a coach who helps individuals and small groups experiencing uncertainty. [You can find further details of Paul @ www.baransu.co.uk]

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