Our RENEW exercise programme is designed to help you keep moving with and beyond cancer, whatever your diagnosis, however you're feeling. We know that staying active is hard at the best of times. Throw cancer into the mix and it's even trickier. Our free online 8-week course, of small group classes is run by our specialist instructors who understand what your body is going through and will support and cheer you on every step of the way.

Want to meet others and together you can regain confidence in your body, build strength, improve your physical and mental health, combat your fatigue and improve your sleep? Whether you use to exercise loads on never do a day of exercise in your life, then RENEW is for you. Through the programme, you'll be supported amazing expert instructors to get your body moving safely at a pace and in a way that's right for you, learn how to keep active after the programme ends and be connected to a community that understands.

The classes will help you rebuild your strength and stamina, whilst also giving you a chance to connect and get active with others who get it too. Lasting 45 minutes with time to chat afterwards.


Want to join our next classes starting in February, all you need to do is fill out the forms below:



Still in treatment? Then you'll need to get your doctor/ nurse/ medical team to fill this one out too:


The NHS computers can be a bit slow so make it easy for your Oncology team by sending them this too: 


What's next?

Once we've received your completed forms, we'll team you up in groups of 6. We work hard to make sure everyone will be at a similar activity level. We'll then send the info you provided to the instructor before the class, so they're aware of everything beforehand. We try to get people started within a couple of weeks, but we're a small team so this may take a little longer if we are having to chase you or your Oncology team so do bear with us.

Booking for this event has now closed.