Have you been told you'll be having chemotherapy or just started on it? Want to hear from other young adults about their experience and what got them through? We've got you covered. 

We know that when you're first told you need chemotherapy, so many things can go through your mind and it's hard to know what to ask when you don't know enough about what to expect. We know it's a lot to take in. 

That's why we're bringing you the chance to hear from Kristina and Natalie about their experience of having chemotherapy, but more importantly how to cope with side effects and more. After all, your Oncology team can only tell you so much. 

We know each cancer experience is different, so remember some of the things you may hear you may want to bank for later or may not be right for you.

We want to help you become more:

  • Empowered to ask the right questions when talking with your medical/ oncology team during your appointments
  • Able to seek support when you need it- Don't suffer in silence.
  • Confident to chat to friends and family about how you feel and what you need.
  • Aware of how important it is to be kind to your mind
  • Connected with others who are in the same boat so you feel less alone
  • Aware of the ways Trekstock can help you along the way

Meet your hosts:

Kristina was diagnosed with Stage 2 Non-Hodgkins lymphoma (PMBCL) at 25 and has been in remission since the beginning of 2019. She had chemotherapy, Zoladex and radiotherapy. She works in the travel industry, and freelances as an illustrator and virtual assistant. She enjoys reading, drawing, photography, and travelling.

"I moved to London in 2018 from Croatia. Trekstock helped me feel supported, and in many ways active. I met some wonderful people thanks to Trekstock, who were always ready to be there for me and to fill my life with great memories. Thanks to it's network of people who understand, I got to experience new things and open up about my emotions and struggles. Trekstock made me feel less alone."

"As my treatment came to an end, I realised that my survival mode should've kicked in easier. We get all this info about what to expect, in most of the cases, but not really on how to act on it to make this less hurtful. I believe it is important for us to talk about all this, to talk about all the things we went through. To just vent and hopefully, it will help someone who is struggling."

Natalie was diagnosed in 2019 at 25 with breast cancer HER2+. She had 6 sessions of chemo. Followed by a lumpectomy and radiotherapy. She's a massive foodie which isn’t a surprise if you looked at her instagram! Crocheting and embroidery have been on the back burner lately but it’s something relaxing which takes her away from the screen. Aside from that she enjoys hiking, travelling and drawing - all that jazz. 

"Having moved to London and away from familiar faces and a support system I had grown used to, it was good to have Trekstock events I could attend. There’s no pressure to share if you don’t want to but plenty of people in similar positions and willingness to help."

"My main focus is to be open and honest about What I Wish I'd Known and hope it helps and prepares others going through treatment. Even if not all parts are useful, I hope those tuning in capture what a safe and wonderful community Trekstock is."

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